Overview and key take-aways from DEVOXX Ukraine 2023: AI – Friend or Foe

Overview and key take-aways from Devoxx Ukraine 2023: AI – Friend or Foe?

Devoxx Ukraine 2023 conference was held online and helped raise more than 50,000 euros for the purchase of medical backpacks stuffed with a full range of medical supplies that are necessary for medics who help save lives on the front lines. It is the second year in a row that the event took place in...
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“I’ll probably be doing these conferences for the rest of my life.” How to create a profitable international business and remain an engineer

Belgian Stephan Janssen is the founder of the Devoxx family of conferences and a programming enthusiast. Since the age of 16, he has been passionate about writing code, learning new technologies and developing various platforms and solutions. In the treasury of his experience is the creation of a successful IT company. However, Stefan sold this...
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Key aspects to ensure your career growth

Beyond Senior Java Developer: Securing Your IT Career  In the framework of Devoxx Ukraine 2022: Secure Our Future, multiple speakers, including experienced developers, architects, and Java champions from various countries, shared their expertise with participants of the conference. Bruno Souza, Developer at SouJava, and a keynote speaker at Devoxx Ukraine delivered an online presentation for...
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Blockchain technology: its trends and prospects

In the framework of Devoxx Ukraine 2022: Secure Our Future, Pavel Kravchenko, Co-Founder and CEO at Distributed Lab, delivered an online presentation for IT-specialists on Blockchain technology and its future prospects. Blockchain is an emerging innovative technology that is being adopted in various fields, like retail, finance, energy, media and entertainment sectors, etc. The topic...
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AI Trends | ChatGPT phenomenon

AI Trends ChatGPT phenomenon  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the most important and transformative technologies in recent times, and its impact on society, business, and everyday life is only expected to increase in the future. The value of AI trends lies in the fact that they are driving innovation in a wide range...
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Join us for the 10th edition of Devoxx UK

The Developer Community Conference 10–12 May, 2023. London  Devoxx UK offers a unique opportunity for developers to learn about the latest technologies, the future of innovation, and get hands-on experience.  The keynote speakers from around the world will share their expertise on some developer-focused topics, namely:  Java, JVM, Cloud, DevOps;  Web, JS, UI, UX;  Architecture,...
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Join us for the 1st edition of Devoxx Greece

The Developer Community Conference 4-6 May, 2023. Athens  Devoxx Greece, the evolution of Voxxed Days Athens, is a 3-day conference, offering space for developers to get together and learn about the latest technologies.   Some of the most inspiring speakers in the global IT community will expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and provide you with...
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Join us for the 11th edition of Devoxx France

The Developer Community Conference 12-14 April, 2023. Paris Devoxx France is a platform for developers to meet people, discover the latest technologies and participate in a great community event. You will discover the latest technical trends and learn everything about: Web, JS, UX, front-end and architecture Webs Java and JVM; Cloud, Containers & Infrastructures, DevOps;...
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