Join us for the 10th edition of Devoxx UK

The Developer Community Conference

1012 May, 2023. London 

Devoxx UK offers a unique opportunity for developers to learn about the latest technologies, the future of innovation, and get hands-on experience. 

The keynote speakers from around the world will share their expertise on some developer-focused topics, namely: 

  • Java, JVM, Cloud, DevOps; 
  • Web, JS, UI, UX; 
  • Architecture, Security, Encryption; 
  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotics; 
  • Frameworks, Programming Languages, incl. Javascript; 
  • Big Data, Machine Learning; 
  • Developer Culture. 

Devoxx UK is a resourceful conference accompanied by social events, enabling you to meet new people and develop fascinating ideas.  

You can access a wide range of content in formats designed to offer the best learning opportunities!