Artificial Intelligence
Overview and key take-aways from DEVOXX Ukraine 2023: AI – Friend or Foe

Overview and key take-aways from Devoxx Ukraine 2023: AI – Friend or Foe?

Devoxx Ukraine 2023 conference was held online and helped raise more than 50,000 euros for the purchase of medical backpacks stuffed with a full range of medical supplies that are necessary for medics who help save lives on the front lines. It is the second year in a row that the event took place in...
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Empowering Code Development and Framework Building with ChatGPT

In our contemporary world, clients are increasingly drawn to products stamped with the label “powered by AI.” In the realm of AI-driven development, we are fortunate to have a tool like ChatGPT, which provides invaluable assistance to developers in various aspects. Recently, we had the privilege of hearing from Evgeny Borisov, EPAM’s Developer Relations Lead,...
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Artificial intelligence: threats and opportunities

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been integrated into our modern life quite quickly and is widely used in applications that we utilize every day. It helps us save our time by delegating the fulfilment of routine and sometimes complex specific tasks to automated processes and algorithms. The rapid development of AI technologies mainly has a positive...
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Artificial intelligence for testers

Artificial intelligence for testers: is it a threat or an assistant?

On June 15, an informative and inspiring webinar with experts from EPAM Ukraine was held on the role of artificial intelligence in the work of testers. The growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields raises many practical and ethical questions, the answers to which are yet to be found. One of the questions...
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