Empowering Code Development and Framework Building with ChatGPT

In our contemporary world, clients are increasingly drawn to products stamped with the label “powered by AI.” In the realm of AI-driven development, we are fortunate to have a tool like ChatGPT, which provides invaluable assistance to developers in various aspects.

Recently, we had the privilege of hearing from Evgeny Borisov, EPAM’s Developer Relations Lead, in a captivating webinar that you can find on EPAM Ukraine Youtube channel. The focus was on the paramount significance of object-oriented programming (OOP) and how AI can be harnessed to write cleaner and more accurate code. Evgeny generously shared practical examples and his insights on how to make the most of ChatGPT in this context.

During the webinar, Evgeny showcased the development of a framework akin to Spring, employing the capabilities of both ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT-3.5, and provided tips on how to write an effective prompt. He underscored the importance of writing code that is adaptable, reusable, and easy to comprehend. In today’s world of continuous change and innovation, maintaining code quality is paramount, and ChatGPT can play a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Additionally, Evgeny stressed the importance of the application of the SOLID principles, emphasizing the key tenets of single responsibility, dependency inversion, and the open-closed principle. For creating objects, Evgeny recommended using an ObjectFactory, and utilized ChatGPT to show examples. To maximize ChatGPT’s effectiveness, the speaker advised making inquiries about specific methods and classes, breaking down complex questions into parts.

Before diving into ChatGPT work, Evgeny advised defining your style and being concise in your prompts. Perfection is not the goal; aim for an 80% response from ChatGPT, and handle the remaining 20% yourself. The speaker emphasized two distinct approaches when working with ChatGPT. The traditional approach involves an iterative process of asking, receiving, analyzing, refining, and repeating until a satisfactory answer is obtained. However, a more efficient method involves editing the existing question if the response is incorrect. Crafting good questions leads to better answers, maintaining clean and useful chat histories.

So, with these insights, let’s embark on our journey, leveraging AI to master object-oriented programming and enhance our coding prowess. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced developer, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s get started!

Watch the recording of the webinar on YouTube:

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