Let’s stop the world from writing monolith projects, which are hard to maintain, difficult to evolve and take a lot of bootstrap time. Conflicts of versions, cyclic dependencies and legacy hell, when each change request is very expensive and developers waste most of the time fixing bugs instead of developing new features. Let’s stop this melancholic, endless winter. Let me take you to the BOOTiful world of microservices architecture with Spring technologies. Let me show you how it is easy to write microservice with Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Rest And Finanlly how to bind your microservices together with service discovery, zule load balancer and other artifacts of Spring Cloud project.

We live in the age of high-load, where almost every Java Framework supports Reactive Programming paradigm and follows Reactive Manifesto principles. Not so far, Spring Framework provided mentioned feature as well. Unfortunately, most of us still have no experience in Reactive Programming, moreover, most of us have no idea what Reactive System is, and what is the difference between Reactive Programming and Reactive System, since both have word „Reactive”. By attending the workshop, you will get a clear understanding of what is Reactive System and Reactive Programming, the difference between these notions, and will get practical experience using RxJava and Reactor 3.