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Responding to security events on Kubernetes, let's build a Security Response Engine!

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Bitcoin mining on Kubernetes clusters, ransomware installation, misconfigured Kubernetes cluster hacks... For some time now, we have been seeing new vectors of malware and other cryptojacking spreading on unprotected clusters. But how to detect them? And above all, how to protect yourself against them?
Let's discover together how to spot these security threats and react in real time to protect our cluster.
We will discover Falco, a threat detection engine on Kubernetes. We will then code a real-time threat removal engine in Serverless and learn how it can protect Kubernetes from security breaches or misconfiguration.

Scheduled on Saturday from 12:20 to 13:10 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 2


Laurent Grangeau


Laurent Grangeau is a Cloud Solution Architect with more than 10+ years of experience. Former Java developer, he has since developed in .NET, with Agile and DevOps mindsets. He has been experimenting with cloud providers for more than 5+ years. Docker enthusiast from the beginning, he has experienced with building microservices and distributed systems. He loves to automate things and run distributed applications at scale.