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Lambda core hardcore

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Since Java 8 – so called lambda expressions can be used by Java developers. But what does it mean... Lambda? The talk will be about story behind this term, from a little bit more scientific point of view. Church Lambda calculus, Entscheidungsproblem and incompleteness theorem. Almost all of that will be presented in Java – in the language that you understand. And of course you can later impress your friends with some impressive math tricks. There are going to be shown some very crazy code pieces such as perfectly unusable implementation of boolean (based on lambda expressions). Come and see what purely functional really means.

Scheduled on Friday from 13:10 to 14:00 in Room 7

Church Lambda
Lambda Calculus
Functional Programming

Jarek Ratajski

Engenius GmbH

I love programming since my first line of code I did on  the C64  in Basic. Somewhere in 90ties I've switched from C++ to java and spent then 18 Years developing mostly Java software working for various companies and projects.  Now I work for Engenius in Switzerland being Java/Kotlin developer during the days and Scala/Haskell open source hacker at nights.