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Micro-frontends: Is it a Silver Bullet?

Small Talk
Front End

Micro-Frontends are gaining a lot of traction these days as the “silver bullet” solution to the former monolith project architecture, essentially the frontend variation on microservices. If you’re not familiar with micro-frontends, and how to implement them in your environment, you might find yourself asking “am i missing out on something important?” or “what does this even mean?” In this talk, I will walk you through our journey where we found ourselves accumulating independent monolithic frontend stacks - and had to find a better way to manage and maintain these stacks in a hyper-growth environment. We will present how we migrated to this loosely-coupled architecture of independent projects and eventually were able to grow to 25+ micro-frontend projects that helped us optimize our development and achieve our goals more rapidly, the challenges we encountered that made our lives miserable - and how we overcame them, and finally will try to answer the ultimate question “are micro-frontends really a silver bullet?

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:25 to 14:50 in Room 7

Frontend Development

Sharone Revah Zitzman


Sharone Zitzman is a marketing technologist and open source community builder, who likes to work with teams building products that developers love. Having built both the DevOps Israel and Cloud Native Israel communities from the ground up, she spends her time finding the places where technology and people intersect and ensuring an excellent developer experience, backed by a culture focused on engineering excellence and quality. Sharone heads up Developer Relations at AppsFlyer as her day job. You can find her on Twitter or Github as @shar1z.

Liron Cohen


Liron Cohen is a Frontend Architect at AppsFlyer, developing software for the past 10 years, mostly around the realm of Frontend. Liron enjoys working on and architecting complex web-apps and infrastructure that can handle massive scale of data - while maintaining reliability, consistency, all without compromising user experience and friendliness.