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New opportunities for Java developers with GraalVM

Java Language

GraalVM is a high-performance virtual machine, bringing new performance optimizations for individual languages and seamless interoperability for polyglot applications. Recently GraalVM team released 19.0 — first production release, and we’ll discuss the most recent project updates, and how they can help you make applications development more powerful and productive. You will learn what you can do with GraalVM, in particular: use it as a JVM JIT compiler, run polyglot programs, compile them ahead of time for faster startup and lower footprint, and more. You’ll also discover what the best cases for using GraalVM in Java development, where to start, and how to configure it for your project.

Scheduled on Friday from 15:10 to 16:00 in Room 6


Alina Yurenko

Oracle Labs

Alina is a Developer Advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research & development branch of Oracle. Coming from developer relations background, Alina now has joined the GraalVM team to help grow its global community.