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Ajax jvm-based IoT platform

Conference Talk
Cutting Edge Technology for Sustainability

This is a story about cost-efficient scaling of cloud IoT platform from 0 to 800K connections by the leading Ukrainian life-saving company Ajax Systems. We are going to talk about basic IoT business models, standard IoT architecture and end-to-end streaming experience for IoT. We are going to cover an actor model architecture and Akka as a default implementation of it plus our (spoiler:negative) operational experience with it. The overview of the future architecture, that we planned for >10Ms connection handling and our first steps towards it would wrap-up the talk. 

Talk structure:

  • IoT context: existing business models
  • Ajax business model
  • Ajax IoT platform load figures
  • IoT ideologies: edge centric vs cloud centric
  • Ajax architecture v1
  • Basic usecase on the v1
  • v1: pros, cons, lessons learned
  • Ajax architecture v2
  • v2: our estimates and predictions

Scheduled on Friday from 17:10 to 18:00 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 3


Oleksandr Berezianskyi

Ajax Systems

Hands-on technical leader that is focused on creating high performance teams and delivery processes, building infrastructure and designing common architectural solutions for ~150 RnD people in RTOS Malevich, server, mobile, desktop and infrastructure departments at Ajax Systems. 14 years in IT, 12 years on different lead positions.