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E-commerce platform. Core build principles, problems and guidelines.

Conference Talk

Usually huge enterprises are treated as a place of constant legacy, support, tonnes of bureaucracy and as a result constant rotations of software engineers.

Being probably the most essential part of product, Ecommerce is a huge area where all the logic around finances is happening for a product.

There are definitely exist things which can help to build good Ecommerce platform or at least improve an existing one to be a comfortable zone for Software Engineering.

During this talk we will go through basic principles of Ecommerce platform design, highlight main problems, dive into challengning example, and understand what steps to take to improve and not fall into issues.

As an outcome of this talk we will understand what Ecommerce experience can give you as a Software Engineer.

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:40 to 15:30 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 4

E-commerce Application

Bogdan Shorokhov


Bogdan is a TL/Architect with solid overall experience who has spent past 6 years working in different portfolios of Traveller business area.

Recent two of them he is involved in process of building and improving e-commerce platform as a part of product.

As a company's expert Bogdan helps to build company standards and processes for the Java competency and executes different trainings for future experts.