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Understanding Probabilistic Data Structures with 112,092 UFO Sightings

Conference Talk
Big Data & Machine Learning

If you’re like most developers, you probably have no idea what probabilistic data structures are. This talk will correct that by going over some common probabilistic data structures, diving deep into a couple, and demoing an application that uses one to analyze commonly used words in UFO sightings.

Scheduled on Saturday from 15:50 to 16:40 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 2

Data Structures
Big Data

Guy Royse


Guy works for Redis as a Developer Advocate. Combining his decades of experience in writing software with a passion for sharing what he has learned, Guy goes out into developer communities and helps others build great software.

Teaching and community have long been a focus for Guy. He is President of the Columbus JavaScript Group, has been on the selection committee for several conferences, and has even has helped teach programming at a prison in central Ohio.

In his personal life, Guy is a hard-boiled geek interested in role-playing games, science fiction, and technology. He also has a slightly less geeky interest in history and linguistics. In his spare time, he plays D&D, goes camping, and studies history and linguistics.

Guy lives in Ohio with his wife, his sons, and an entire wall of games.