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We will discuss what Computer Vision is i"/>

Core ML: Vision

Conference Talk
Big Data & Machine Learning

We will discuss what Computer Vision is in general and which instruments are included in Appleā€™s framework.

Additionally, the talk will review the capabilities of Vision as well as test some of them during the live coding session by implementing image analysis functionality from scratch.

Computer Vision

- Some Theory

- Where to Use

- Common Tasks


- Image Classification, Saliency, Alignment, Similarity

- Object Detection, Tracking, Trajectory Detection, Contour Detection

- Text Detection & Recognition

- Face Detection, Tracking, Landmarks & Capture Quality

- Human Body Detection, Body Pose, Hand Pose & Animal Recognition

- Barcode Detection, Rectangle Detection, Horizon Detection

- Optical Flow

- NEW: Person Segmentation & Document Detection

Live Coding

- Object Detection Demo

- Text Detection & Recognition Demo

Scheduled on Saturday from 10:00 to 10:50 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 4

Machine Learning
Live Coding & Demos

Kostiantyn Bilyk

Svitla Systems