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Introducing Hibernate Reactive – The first reactive ORM framework

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Reactive programming in Java is getting more and more popular. However, regardless of the stack, reactive Java web applications do not use ORM at all. Do not use YET! The reactive app requires non-blocking calls all the way down, but all ORM frameworks were blocking. They were until NOW. Introducing Hibernate Reactive – the first reactive ORM framework. 

Let's check out this new framework and use all the good Hibernate features we know in a non-blocking manner. In this example, we'll use the PostgreSQL database along with the Reactive Vert.x client for this DB.

If everything works out, we can imagine the world where we don't need to throw away the whole persistence layer when switching to reactive. The new framework will provide all the powerful ORM features for the reactive stack and the transition from Hibernate ORM to Hibernate Reactive will be smooth. This means that we can waste less engineering resources and make one more step towards sustainable software development.

Scheduled on Saturday from 10:00 to 10:50 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 1

Enterprise Java
Reactive Manifesto

Taras Boychuk


Taras is a founder of Bobocode, which mission is to create an open-source education for Java developers. He used to work as Java technical lead, architect, and consultant. And now he is passionate about helping other engineers to grow.