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Java Records for the Intrigued

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Java & JVM

Java 14 brought Records as one of the preview features, and in Java 16 they're a standard feature. For many it was reasonable to say "no more JavaBeans code generation" or "Lombok is dead". Is that the case? What one can do with records and what can't? What about reflection and serializations? You will learn in this session.

Scheduled on Saturday from 13:30 to 14:20 (Europe/Kiev) in Stream 2

Java 15
API Changes

Piotr Przybyl


Notorious engineer at work and after hours, tracing meanders of the art of software engineering. Software Gardener, mostly working in web-oriented Java gardens. Programming usually in Java (since 1.3) and Scala. Fan of agility, seen mostly as choosing the right tools and approaches after asking the right questions. Lead developer, trainer and conference speaker. In his talks, Piotr covers not only hardcore Java but also software architecture, computer security, and soft-skills.

Rustam Mehmandarov


Passionate computer scientist. Java Champions and GoogleDevelopers Expert (GDE) for Cloud. Public speaker. Community builder.