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Maarten Sukel

City of Amsterdam

Maarten Sukel is the AI lead of the City of Amsterdam and a researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

Examples of projects he has been working on are a system that automatically routes services requests and the urban Object Detection Kit(www.odk.ai), a system capable of detecting issues on the streets of the city.

The City of Amsterdam AI team works on researching and developing new AI technology, working alongside academic partners to build and deploy ethical and sustainable AI solutions for urban environments.

Urban Artificial Intelligence in Amsterdam

We, at Amsterdam Intelligence from Gemeente Amsterdam, are passionate about innovation and technology but without forgetting what really matters - our citizens.

In this talk Maarten Sukel, AI lead at the City of Amsterdam will talk about several interesting projects where AI is used for better cities tomorrow.

Examples are the usage of computer vision to scan the streets of the city for any issues, such as garbage on the streets, to allow for a more fair and efficient cleaning and maintenance of the streets. The use of natural language processing to route service requests, but also how Lidar technology and point cloud data will be used in the future to accurately map assets in the city.

For more information please look at amsterdamintelligence.com

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