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Tim van Deursen

Hack the Planet

Tim van Deursen is an engineer on a mission to positively change the world. He believes many global challenges we nowadays have can benefit from smart easy to deploy technology. Engineers can and need to be part of solving global challenges and therefore Tim created team “Hack The Planet” that aims to do exactly this.

Technology gone wild

03:00 at night, not the best time to hear the sound of WhatsApp notifications. “Ping”... and another one “Ping” and another. I left my phone off, who receives these messages this late!? I hear myself thinking, I’m awake now, I might as well get up. But I resist the thought and fall asleep...

07:30 Thank god I got some hours of sleep after these annoying notifications. Getting up out of bed is a bit different when you are in Central Africa Gabon. The chimpanzees are screeching like drunk teens having a party and the sun that is coming through the trees feels intense on your skin. It’s true, you feel at home here, it makes sense. Some things however will always be the same; time for coffee! Gradually the team gets out of bed and joins on the porch of the research center we are staying.

“Did you guys hear that!” Robbie asks. “3 elephants!”. Then it hit me! These sounds! These notifications! They were coming from the system we deployed the day before! Of course! But so soon!? We quickly opened the laptop and gathered behind it to see all the details. It was true; the cameras we had been deploying were reporting elephants. This was huge!