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Pavel Veller


Pavel is a polyglot technologist and a strong leader with 20+ years of diverse experience building and releasing complex software systems and products for the web using Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript and everything in between. At EPAM Systems, as a CTO of Digital Engagement, Pavel has been driving digital technology innovation and R&D aimed at helping EPAM’s clients with their digital transformation efforts. 2020 changed Pavel’s focus to helping EPAM transform itself.

anywhere.io - A story of rapid technology transformation to enable remote and on demand workforce at scale


Gig economy has been transforming and disrupting industries. Globalization continues to erase borders. Language barrier gets thinner with every new generation. The work that can be done remote, will be done remote. If you didn’t believe it before COVID, you surely believe it now. At EPAM, we started exploring the concept of Anywhere a few years back but there has not been a better year than 2020 to double down on remote and on-demand workforce. Anywhere is an ecosystem of apps, services, APIs, and experiences that support a rapid business transformation towards diversified workforce without borders through the unprecedented times. In this talk I will explain why we believe in Anywhere and how we make Anywhere possible. It started as a traditionally architected monolith. A copy of a copy of a system that used to be centered around internal employment opportunities. In a few short months we made a 180 degree turn to microservices, k8s, serverless, on-demand AWS services, continuous delivery, and more. Anywhere is now a collection of diverse experiences powered by a scalable API ecosystem ready to grow and evolve rapidly in multiple directions. I would like to show you how we engineered Anywhere, how we think in APIs, how we achieve speed with polyglot architecture and modern cloud services.

Scheduled on Friday from 12:20 to 13:10 in Stream 2