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Yehor Maiorov


More than 6 years of experience of developing enterprise applications using Java. Mainly works with the Spring, Netflix ecosystem. Passionate about reactive programming, functional programming and distributed systems architecture

Building Reactive Application with R2DBC

Small Talk
Java & JVM

Reactive programming has been rapidly gaining popularity in the industry lately.

For a long time working with a database in a non-blocking,  backpressure-aware manner in Java was almost impossible.

A few years ago in order to solve this problem, R2DBC specification was created, which is based on reactive stream specification types and allows non-blocking, backpressure-aware database access. Since then an ecosystem has started to appear and evolve around it.

In this talk, I will show what R2DBC specification and the surrounding ecosystem can offer and share our experience of building a solution based on R2DBC and delivering it to the production.

Scheduled on Saturday from 16:55 to 17:20 in Stream 3