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David Gómez G.


With a CS degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), David has been working in Software development for more than 20 years, taking part in projects for different projects in sectors like Banking, Defense, Services & Retail, Maritime and ground transport. Currently, David holds the position of Developer Advocate at AxonIQ.io

David also participates regularly in training sessions: he has been a Certified Spring Source Instructor from 2010 to 2015. Since 2011 he is one of the instructors for the advanced JavaSpecialist Courses in Spain.

Since 10 years ago, David has been also involved regularly with several tech communities, events and conferences both as organizer or/and as speaker. Currently is one of the organizers of the Madrid Java User Group and part of the technical committee for Lambda World (a functional programming conference) in Cadiz, South Spain. He was recognized as JavaChampion in January 2020.

Building monolith applications that could scale to microservices (only if they need to)

It’s easy these days to fall into the trap of starting to design your whole application with a microservices architecture…. Because, you know, that’s what everyone is doing, right?

But no, no. I’m not going to deny that Microservices have their advantages, specifically in a distributed and scalable world like the one we need to deal with. The problem may be in the approach we are taking. Are we considering the microservices architecture as a goal, or as a means to a purpose?

In this talk we will think in a different approach: we will go back to the basics, and see how following DDD, CQRS and Event-Sourcing practices will drive our application design and evolution in such a way that we will start with a monolith but we will have the ability to scale into a microservices architecture more or less easily when (and more importantly: if) we need to.

Event Sourcing
Application Architectures