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Grygoriy Gonchar


Hands-on Engineering Unit Lead at eBay. Working over 10 years with Java and distributed systems. Passioned about lean software architecture and efficient teams.

Pain and gain of introducing Kafka in Microservices architecture at eBay


Today most of the complex backend systems choose microservices. There are many ways of building microservices with a huge degree of freedom. Different languages, framework, and tools exist - take the best which suits the purpose! But there are a few aspects where freedom of choices is disadvantageous. One and the main one is the way how microservices are talking to each other. One of the most popular communication instruments of microservices today becomes Kafka. It’s an extremely powerful instrument in the microservices toolchain which solves a high variety of problems. This talk presents the problems in microservices architecture where Kafka is a great fit, includes real-life examples collected at eBay Classifieds Group companies where Kafka is actively used while sharing experiences of many of my colleagues. On the dark side, introducing Kafka into existing architecture is not for free. Therefore, in addition, this talk addresses challenges and potential pitfalls of introducing Kafka in the microservices world.

Scheduled on Friday from 12:00 to 12:50 in Room 1

Apache Kafka Streams