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Edwin Derks

Ordina JTech

Edwin Derks is a Software Architect from Ordina JTech. He has a passion for gathering and sharing knowledge about anything related to the Java ecosystem and cloud-driven development in general. He is a member of the Eclipse MicroProfile and Jakarta EE community, and is often hosting meetups, writing articles, blogs and speaking at conferences.

Jakarta EE: Past, Present and Future


Server Side Java

In this BOF, we will go shortly through the status of Jakarta EE, where it came from and where it goes. The audience will learn how they can participate in the evolution of Jakarta EE themselves. The Jakarta EE expert panel will be provided with several prepared questions that are asked many times by the community. These can be answered by the expert panel and/or discussed with the audience. Of course, there will be room for the audience to ask questions themselves in order to get their burning questions answered. This will also be their chance to vent their own ideas and thoughts on how they perceive the status and evolution of Jakarta EE, possibly comparing it with similar enterprise Java frameworks.



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