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Ioannis Kolaxis


Ioannis Kolaxis is a Software Architect working for Atos, building Next Generation 911/112 software solutions that empower emergency services to save lives. He has been previously developing software for the banking industry in IBM and the telecommunications sector in SIEMENS.

He enjoys sharing his experience with the software development community, speaking at international conferences, such as Oracle Code One 2019.

He was awarded by Atos the title of “Distinguished Expert” as a recognition of his technical expertise & professional accomplishments. He is an inventor, having filed several patents & having won the 1st prize award at Atos Innovation Week 2020 for coming up with the most innovative idea. He is passionate about new technologies and likes to share his thoughts on his blog & YouTube channel about how technology can transform our lives. Follow him on Twitter @IoannisKolaxis to be updated about his work.

Fighting Climate Change by Building Sustainable Software

Thought that your software applications do not have any impact on the environment? Guess again! Your applications run on servers that consume electricity, commonly generated by burning coal/oil/gas, all of them producing carbon dioxide (CO2), the main driver of climate change.

This session provides practical guidelines on how to reduce the environmental footprint of your applications. It is assumed you are involved in building software applications and aspire to help prevent climate change.

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Engineering a Sustainable World

If you are passionate about Technology, dreaming to work on something that really matters, care about our Future and want to build a better World for our children, come and join this round table Panel Discussion with people who are dedicated to build a better World using Technology, Innovation and Passion! If you have no idea how Developers like YOU can help to build a better World using YOUR skills and experience and improve YOUR life, then come and find out. If you don't know how to start - come and ask YOUR questions! It meant to be an interactive session and lot of fun. You'll hear really awesome REAL life stories based on REAL experience, bringing REAL value to People, Nature and Planet Today!