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Taras Boychuk


A software engineering consultant and teacher, whose biggest passion is education. He believes in the tremendous potential of human creativity and helps using it to build software efficiently.

Kotlin for the back-end – Does the fancy code bring much value?

Java & JVM

Kotlin has been here for a while and it's officially good for the server-side. But how good is it? Can we objectively take a look at tasks that we solve every day on the back-end and compare solutions written in Java and Kotlin? Let's do it together in real-time and see how much value Kotlin brings on the back-end.

Let's build a Spring Boot app and deal with 

  • web API
  • business logic
  • persistence layer
  • tests

and let's compare two different solutions. So we can know if Kotlin provides just a slight improvement, a decent improvement or it's a totally new experience comparing to Java. 

Scheduled on Friday from 15:40 to 16:30 in Stream 2

Enterprise Java