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Thodoris Bais

Utrecht JUG / ABN Amro

Thodoris works as a Scrum Master for ABN Amro bank and contributes to the prosperity of the (software) community in several ways. He is the Founder & Leader of Utrecht Java User Group, which counts more than 2500 members and has hosted exceptional speakers (where among others, James Gosling and Uncle Bob). Besides, he serves the Expert Group of JSR-385 and helps developers to grow their career. Previously: 5 years of Software Engineering, 2 years as a Technical Author, Open-source Contributor. His views are expressed via his Twitter handle @thodorisbais

NoSQL Endgame

Big Data & Machine Learning

The amount of data collected by applications nowadays is growing at a scary pace. Many of them need to handle billions of users generating and consuming data at an incredible speed. Maybe you are wondering how to create an application like this? What is required? What works best for your project? 

In this session, we'll compare popular Java and JVM persistence frameworks for NoSQL databases.
We are going to look at Spring Data, Micronaut Data, Hibernate OGM, Jakarta NoSQL and GORM (which indeed is actually a Marvel character in the Conan Universe 😉
How do they compare, what are the strengths, weaknesses, differences and similarities? We'll show each of them with a selection of different NoSQL database systems (Key-Value, Document, Column, Graph) to learn how they take specific features and powers of a particular NoSQL type into consideration and provide support for.

Will there be a clear winner in the end, or maybe it depends on the particular DB type and use case and you might need more than one, with different strengths, just like the Avengers...?

Scheduled on Friday from 15:40 to 16:30 in Stream 3

Enterprise Java
Spring Data