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Ben Evans

New Relic

Ben Evans is an author, speaker, architect and educator. He is currently Principal Engineer and JVM Architect at New Relic. Previously, he co-founded jClarity, an application performance startup (acquired by Microsoft) and before that was Chief Architect for Listed Derivatives at Deutsche Bank. Ben served for 6 years on the Java Community Process Executive Committee, helping define standards for the Java ecosystem. He is a Java Champion, 3-time JavaOne Rockstar Speaker and the Java / JVM Track Lead at InfoQ. Ben is author of “The Well-Grounded Java Developer”, "Optimizing Java", “Java: The Legend” and the new editions of “Java in a Nutshell”. He is a regular speaker and educator on topics such as the Java platform, systems architecture, security, performance and concurrency.

Why You Should Migrate to Java 11 Right Now


This session discusses migrating teams and existing applications to Java 11. This upgrade is a significant one, as it brings in much better support for cloud and container environments. Applications that have migrated to Java 11 will typically experience better performance and smaller resource footprint than when under running Java 8.

Based on the presenters hands-on experience leading the migration to OpenJDK and Java 11 at New Relic, the session will cover such things as:

  • The new release model, feature releases and long-term support options
  • Why Java 11 is much better suited to containerized applications than Java 8
  • Necessary steps to upgrade your apps, including build tools (focusing on Gradle) and libraries
  • A working guide to Java modules and whether you should adopt them (and some benefits and pitfalls)
  • Why you should not "wait until Java 17" to upgrade 



Scheduled on Saturday from 14:20 to 15:10 in Stream 1

Cloud Deployments
Java 11

Java Forever (Round Table)

Java & JVM

It's gonna be Pannel Discussion with Java Champions that contributed a lot in moving Java forward and inspiring lots of other Developers across Java Communities around the world. We are going to talk about Java past, present and future and will try to find out how Java managed to stay so popular and strong for already 25 years! We want to make this session interactive. So come and join our conversation!

Scheduled on Saturday from 16:30 to 17:20 in Stream 2