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Oleh Dokuka

Netifi, Inc

Mainly Java Software Engineer / Consultant focused on distributed systems development adopting Reactive Manifesto and Reactive Programming techniques. Open Source geek, the active contributor to Project Reactor / RSocket. Along with that, Public speaker and Author of the book "Reactive Programming is Spring 5.0":https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/reactive-programming-spring-50. Also, an active contributor to the community's development as co-organizer of Rockstar Night meetups and JavaDay Odesa conference.

Teach your PacMan to play with ML and Reactive Streams


Mind the Geek

Today the adoption of Machine Learning is enormous. We use it almost everywhere: on clusters, on our phones, on hand watches and even on the teapots. But, who knows how challenging could be the development of the continuously improved (or even real-time) machine learning. Servers' capacity, stability, performance, along with a proper ML algorithm selection and many other properties must be taken into account. In this presentation, we will be demonstrating bots education for multiplayer Pacman game. We will show how elegant could be the development of such a problem with Kafka, Akka, RSocket and IBM Watson.

Akka Streams
Machine Learning
Watson API
Reactive Streams


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