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Ronen Cohen


Ronen Cohen is a software engineer who enjoys architecting systems for scale. He is passionate about everything software: from OS internals to distributed computing, weird data-structures to functional programming. Ronen is a tech lead at AppsFlyer, helping build systems to process the influx of petabytes ingested monthly - to help fuel its next phase of growth. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Technion.

Functional Programming Fundamentals Workshop

Hands-on Lab
Programming languages

This workshop aims to be the entry point for developers into the world of functional programming. We'll talk about various functional programming paradigms such as: Referential Transparency Immutability Higher Order Functions and more Examples and hands on training will be via the Clojure programming language. After learning about the fundamentals of FP concepts (and getting our hands "dirty" with some Clojure code), we will progress to modeling and building a simple web app. We'll start small and show how FP principles lend themselves to our solution. Depending on how much time there is for workshops this can be very short intro or a much longer fundamentals course.

Scheduled on Friday from 12:00 to 14:00 in Room 3

Functional Programming