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Grace Jansen


Grace is a Developer Advocate at IBM, working with Open Liberty and Reactive Technologies. She has been with IBM since graduating from Exeter University with a Degree in Biology. Grace enjoys bringing a varied perspective to her projects and using her knowledge of biological systems to simplify complex software patterns and architectures. As a developer advocate, Grace builds POC’s, demos and sample applications, and writes guides and tutorials. She is a regular presenter at international technology conferences and has recently authored a book on reactive systems. Grace also has a keen passion for encouraging more women into STEM and especially Technology careers.

How to become a superhero without even leaving your desk!

With global warming on the rise, viral pandemics affecting every nation and extinction threatening more than 40,000 species the world has never needed superheros more! Are you ready to use your powers to save the world?

In this session we’ll explore the various ways our coding super powers can help to make a positive impact on our society and the planet we inhabit.


Thriving in the cloud: Going beyond the 12 factors

Enabling applications to really thrive (and not just survive) in cloud environments can be challenging. The original 12 factor app methodology helped to lay out some of the key characteristics needed for cloud-native applications... but... as our cloud infrastructure and tooling has progressed, so too have these factors.
In this session we'll dive into the extended and updated 15 factors needed to build cloud native applications that are able to thrive in this environment, and we'll take a look at open source technologies and tools that can help us achieve this.

Cloud Native Applications
Application Architecture