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Liron Cohen


Liron Cohen is a Frontend Architect at AppsFlyer, developing software for the past 10 years, mostly around the realm of Frontend. Liron enjoys working on and architecting complex web-apps and infrastructure that can handle massive scale of data - while maintaining reliability, consistency, all without compromising user experience and friendliness.

Micro-frontends: Is it a Silver Bullet?

Small Talk
Front End

Micro-Frontends are gaining a lot of traction these days as the “silver bullet” solution to the former monolith project architecture, essentially the frontend variation on microservices. If you’re not familiar with micro-frontends, and how to implement them in your environment, you might find yourself asking “am i missing out on something important?” or “what does this even mean?” In this talk, I will walk you through our journey where we found ourselves accumulating independent monolithic frontend stacks - and had to find a better way to manage and maintain these stacks in a hyper-growth environment. We will present how we migrated to this loosely-coupled architecture of independent projects and eventually were able to grow to 25+ micro-frontend projects that helped us optimize our development and achieve our goals more rapidly, the challenges we encountered that made our lives miserable - and how we overcame them, and finally will try to answer the ultimate question “are micro-frontends really a silver bullet?

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:25 to 14:50 in Room 7

Frontend Development