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Victor Rentea


Victor Rentea is a Java Champion, Independent Trainer, and Associate Professor at Politehnica University, writing code for over two decades in many languages. Over the past 8 years, he trained thousands of developers in dozens of companies throughout the world on software design best practices and typical Java-stack development. Today, over 40 companies bring him regularly for training sessions. This April he gave up his Lead Architect role at IBM and he's now running webinars full-time to help good developers become great. More details on victorrentea.ro, Victor is best known for the enthusiasm and depth of his talks, which deliver real-life lessons from dozens of projects he lead or consulted on. To share his passion for Clean Code and Unit Testing, he founded the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community, one of the largest developer communities today in Romania.

Extreme Professionalism - Software Craftsmanship

Engineering Culture

Decades ago, IT started as a single engineering practice, but as time passed by it got increasingly fragmented. Conflicts broke out between testers vs developers vs sysadmins vs DBAs vs many other roles. Recently, developers themselves split into many subspecialties like backend/frontend/iOS/Android/microservices/functions/etc. The overspecialization we face today is a rich source of communication overhead, a low bus factor, lack of responsibility, blaming, repeated isolated patching and fulminating costs. More than a ‘full-stack’ developer, a software craftsperson distinguishes oneself by acting professionally and taking responsibility for as many aspects of one’s work. Jump on this never-ending journey of continuous improvement and decide what’s the next level for your own case.

Scheduled on Saturday from 10:00 to 10:50 in Stream 2