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Alexander Reelsen


Alexander Reelsen is a Developer & Advocate, Dad, works since 2013 distributed at Elastic, is interested in search, scale, JVM, crystallang, serverless and Basketball.

Finding relevancy: Improving your application search bar!

Big Data & Machine Learning

You may have heard, that you 'just' need to add a search bar to your application and people will use that input field the moment it is added. Well, not so fast! Coming up with a google like search experience is not an easy task! Finding the right balance between ease-of-use, relevancy for your users, relevancy for your platform, usability, precision, recall, scoring, keeping the quality and the ability for your users to make sense of those search results will quick evolve into a ongoing task.

In this talk we will built a small search application backed by Elasticsearch, which could be solved by a single query. But is this really enough? No, to improve the search experience we will improve our queries step by step to make sure our users are happy and delve deeper into full text search features while doing so.

Scheduled on Saturday from 11:05 to 11:55 in Stream 2

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