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Miro Cupak


Miro is a Co-founder and VP Engineering at DNAstack, where he builds a leading genomics cloud platform. He is a Java enthusiast with expertise in distributed systems and middleware, passionate about genetics and making meaningful software. Miro is the creator of the largest search and discovery engine of human genetic data, and the author of a book on parallelization of genomic queries. In his spare time, he blogs and contributes to open-source projects.

Exploring what's new in Java in 2020

Java & JVM

This year’s releases of Java, 14 and 15, introduced several impactful features for developers. In this live-coding session, we dive deep into the new productivity language features and APIs, including records, switch expressions, sealed and hidden classes, text blocks, pattern matching, foreign memory access, flight recorder event streaming, and more.

Come and learn what’s new in Java 14 and 15, and how you can use the new features in practice!

Scheduled on Saturday from 15:25 to 16:15 in Stream 1

Java 15
Java 14

What's new in concurrency: threads and fibers for everyday Java developer

Java & JVM

In the last couple of years, over 20 years after the introduction of threads, the Java community has been reimagining what the future of concurrency should look like. Project Loom is introducing support for high-throughput and lightweight parallelization to help developers write scalable software with better performance and lower footprint.

In this live-coding session, we explore the concurrency model of Java, and talk about the recent updates, as well as the future of the platform through the upcoming Project Loom. In particular, we focus on APIs that can be leveraged by our applications directly, and talk about how the new constructs affect the way we write software in the context of the current trends, such as reactive programming. Come and learn what’s new in the JDK, and how you effectively parallelize your software!

Scheduled on Saturday from 16:30 to 17:20 in Stream 1

Reactive Programming