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Olexandra Dmytrenko

EPAM Systems

Olexandra works in IT since 7 years and currently is a Java Developer at EPAM Systems. She adores discovering the ecosystem around the industry she works for: for the banking industry, understanding how finance works, for retail - how economics do. Teaching is a great help toward classifying information and inspiring yourself through inspiring others. In her spare time, Olexandra goes traveling, sports, drawing and also teaches kids and adults to write the code they will be proud of.

R2dbc - good enough for production?

Server Side Java

New project we decided to do with modern technologies. Reactive streams is what we wanted to try. Yet it's not enough to have your application reactive when the DB connection is not. Reactive driver R2DBC seemed the most comfortable approach. I'll tell you about the experience of using it, share the pain and compare what works better in which case.

Scheduled on Friday from 14:45 to 15:00 in Room 7

Reactive Streams