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Andriy Rymar


Andriy is a Senior Java Engineer, Head of Development at Twelve0s and LeanCase, also, He is a founder at Jappware and co-organizer of JavaDay Lviv. Appreciates colleagues who share their experience with others because he truly believes that we can become better only if we help others to be better too. Andriy always refreshes knowledge via public resources and visiting conferences. Open to any discussion even if it is not related to the IT world and would be happy to meet new and interesting people.

Community. Why it is so important?

Methodology & Culture

You are already at the Devoxx, it means that you trying to learn something new, meet new people or take a new T-Shirt 😉 Any way you are in the community and you are the part of it. So, why it is so important or why it should be so important? What it can give to you and what it takes instead? All this and much more I will try to describe based on my personal experience in such a limited amount of time. Join this talk and support community 😉

Scheduled on Friday from 14:25 to 14:40 in Room 2

Community Networking