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Oleksandra Kulyk


Oleksandra is an experienced software engineer who believes in importance of fundamental knowledge. She has been developing backend services for online games serving millions of users. Taking part in various projects ranging from game core and infrastructure services to test automation. She loves sharing her experience at meetups and conferences.

Probabilistic data structures in nutshell [UA]

Big Data & Machine Learning

In real word problems where big amount of data should be processed in real time regular algorithms stop working. But if mistake in couple of percent is acceptable probabilistic data structures can be used. There is a brief overview how probability theory and mathematical statistics is used in to solve big data problems. There is a overview of probabilistic data structures that is used in data storages or other system. For example, HyperLogLog and Bloom Filter.

Scheduled on Friday from 14:45 to 15:00 in Room 2

Big Data
Learning Algorithms