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Igor Dmitriev


Igor has been working for more than 7 years. Technical Lead, Engineering Manager at SPD-Ukraine. Took part as a speaker at JUG.UA, JEEConf, Java Day, RockStar Night conferences. Mainly focused on architecture, establishing engineering processes, automation, and delivery.

Monolith strikes back


Microservice architecture isn’t a novelty anymore - everyone is talking about it. It was invented to solve several problems that monolith architecture has: an application is too large and complex to fully understand and make changes fast; it's often hard to keep good modular structure; the size of the application can slow down the start-up time; scaling monolithic applications can often be a challenge; by definition, monolithic applications are implemented using a single development stack; a change made to a small part of the application requires that the entire monolith be rebuilt, retested and deployed. But it's no secret that microservices bring a lot of complexity. Microservice architecture is not a silver bullet; it has several drawbacks. You should not start with a microservices architecture; we usually begin with a monolith. We should learn from microservices architecture and do our best to architect our monolith: keep it modular, easy to maintain, testable and so on. In this talk, I will cover all aspects of how to achieve these goals and share my experience.

Scheduled on Friday from 18:40 to 19:30 in Room 4

Spring Boot
Modular Development