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Sten Vesterli

More Than Code

Sten Vesterli is an expert on choosing the right technology and using the technology right. For more than two decades, he has advised companies like Novo Nordisk, Maersk Lines, Novartis, SimCorp, Oracle, Nordea, and Swisscom on technology choice and implementation. He is a popular speaker at company events and conferences worldwide and has won several Best Speaker awards. Sten has written five IT books for Oracle Press, Packt Publishing and Apress as well as dozens of articles. He was a member of Oracle's elite ACE Director program for ten years until his penchant for straight talking got him kicked out. Sten holds a private pilot license for single-engine aircraft and his personal projects have included an Ironman and an ultramarathon in Denmark, climbing Mont Blanc in France, hiking in Greenland, skydiving in Denmark, a three-week trek around Annapurna in Nepal, paragliding in the Alps, rock climbing in Sweden, glacier walking in Norway and scuba diving in Thailand. Follow Sten on his blog at http://www.vesterli.com/blog or on twitter @stenvesterli.

Everything That's Wrong with IT - and How to Fix It

Methodology & Culture

IT is the profession that is the subject of the most jokes, because we make it easy for people to laugh at us. There are only four things wrong that we need to fix: 1. What we build 2. How we build it 3. How we roll it out 4. How we maintain it. In this entertaining presentation, Sten tells real-life stories and show gadgets that demonstrate what's wrong and explains how to get started building applications that truly meet your users' needs. Learn how to overcome typical development impediments, how to roll out applications successfully, how to support systems that deserve to live and kill systems that deserve to die.

Scheduled on Saturday from 12:50 to 13:40 in Room 4

User Experience
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