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Dmitry Sergeev


Full-Stack Software & DevOps engineer with years of experience in the Internet of Things domain. Passionate about distributed systems architecture, product management, and urbanism. Certified Google Cloud Architect, Scrum Master, and Product Owner.

Data processing with Kafka Streams and Spring Framework

Deep Dive (2h)
Java & JVM

During the talk, we are going to create an application that uses Kafka Streams and Spring framework to process real-time weather data accumulated by a Raspberry Pi’s sensor. We will discuss the way time goes in Kafka Streams and why it might give you long sleepless debugging nights. You will learn how to process data streams with Kafka, Kafka Streams library, and Spring Cloud abstractions. The talk will also cover the following topics: windowing, aggregations, processing graphs, and topology. And last but not least, we will discuss nuances of Kafka Streams applications’ deployment.

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:20 to 16:20 in Stream 3

Cloud Deployments
Spring Cloud Stream
Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Streams