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Hugh McKee

Lightbend, Inc.

Hugh McKee is a developer advocate at Lightbend. He has had a long career building applications that evolved slowly, that inefficiently utilized their infrastructure, and were brittle and prone to failure. Hugh has learned from his past mistakes, battle scars, and a few wins. And the learning never stops. Now his focus is on helping other developers and architects build resilient, scalable, leading-edge systems. Hugh frequently speaks at conferences around the world. He is the author of Designing Reactive Systems: The Role Of Actors In Distributed Architecture.

Akka Cluster and Akka Typed Deep Dive Into the Actor Model With a Bit of Eye Candy

Deep Dive (2h)

You may have heard about the actor model. You may have played with the actor model, but for whatever reason, the opportunity was not there to move forward with it. Well, here is your chance to take a look at the actor model with a set of four Java projects that run Akka clusters. 

In this workshop, you will install, run, and examine in detail a set of example projects. You will explore the code and translate it into what is happening in running clusters. During the workshop, you will implement a project that starts with simple actors and then progress to more interesting actor processing patterns.

The sample projects progressively grow from a basic simple cluster with a few simple actors to actors that message each other across the network, to cluster singleton actors, and finally to cluster sharding. You will also take a look at one of the newest Akka features, Akka Typed. 

As a bonus, each project includes a bit of UI eye candy in the form of a web dashboard that will help you gain some institution about the mechanics of Akka and what is happening inside running clusters.

In your workshop project, you will implement a custom version of cluster sharding. You will build an actor system that dynamically scales as the cluster scales. 

Scheduled on Friday from 16:45 to 18:45 in Stream 3

Distributed Systems
Cloud Native Java
Cloud Application