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Michal Gruca

I went by many titles: Java Developer, Solution Architect, Team Leader, currently in a Delivery Manager role but I'm Problem Solver at heart and father to many of impl classes (not too proud about it). For the past few years focused on non-technical aspects of software development. After work I'm building communities, speaking at events, coding and trying to come back to blogging. After working around a decade in the software industry, I’ve seen a bit, and try to share what I’ve learned about programming and management. Always with an opinion, but open to discussion, stay strong and argue 🙂 Despite using Outlook and Excel on daily basis, I’m still a developer at heart with a couple of IDE’s installed on my machine.

Impostor Syndrome, a story of an empty Github account

Methodology & Culture

XXI century, era of connected people that share everything over social media: Stackoverflow answers, deep thoughts through blogs, cunning tweets, awesome commits, pic from gym... Am I the only one that's shy about what I do? Am I the only one with uninteresting life where nothing happens and no one would find interest in? If you ever had such thoughts, let me tell you a bit about a bias called Impostor Syndrome and how can you work on living with the bloody thing

Scheduled on Friday from 16:20 to 17:10 in Room 4

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