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Yakov Fain

Farata Systems

Yakov Fain authored and co-authored books like "Java Programming: 24-hour trainer", "TypeScript Quickly", “Angular Development with TypeScript” and others. Yakov works at the IT consultancy Farata Systems. A Java Champion, he has taught multiple classes and workshops on the web and Java-related technologies, presented at international conferences. He published more than a thousand technical blogs at yakovfain.com.

Reactangular Vue with TypeScript

Deep Dive
Front End

React.js, Angular, and Vue.js are today's most popular front-end tools for developing web apps, and according to the recent StackOverflow developer survey, TypeScript is one of the most loved languages. In this presentation, we'll do a code review of three versions of the same app written in Angular, React, and Vue using TypeScript. The goal of this presentation is to give you a big picture of the tooling used in modern web development.

Scheduled on Friday from 15:10 to 17:10 in Room 2