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Dmytro Skorniakov

Epam Systems

Dmytro Skorniakov is working with serverless technologies for the last 3 years. Domain and project specifics made him obtain some knowledge of DevOps practices and it allows him to use his experience for different cases: CI/CD tool, web-application, and chat-bot. Now he takes the Key Developer role on a project where he is involved in migration a huge monolith application to AWS-based serverless application.

How easily jump into serverless? Migration from monolith to AWS Lambda


Serverless is no longer an unknown and mysterious technology. Now we have a lot of tales about modernity and the flexibility of this kind of application. Unfortunately, most of these stories ended in the POC stage with the usage of a few functions/lambdas and not highlight the disadvantages of this approach. We will talk about tricky moments during the most common use-case of starting of serverless approach usage - migration from monolith to serverless, light up pains we faced and explain serverless best practices that we experienced, including tools and thoughts that helped us to deal with challenges. Also, we will pay attention to how not to stuck in permanent product actualization and keep delivering business value.

Scheduled on Friday from 17:30 to 18:20 in Room 5

AWS Lambda