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Noe Branagan


Leading development teams for over 8 years, Mobile developer since 2009 and 100% focused in Android since 2011, extensive experience in the area of research and development in emerging markets(Africa and Latin America). He has over 15 years of experience as a developer; Currently working as a CTO in a stealth mode fintech; passionate about in any type of activity related with education especially those that help other developers grow or to get people into software development; likes to serve as a mentor/coach, if you have anything in mind send him a message @noeBranagan.

Effective Kotlin - Developers guide

Small Talk
Programming languages

It's ok, to begin with, what you already know but probably we are not taking full advantage of all the language benefits. In this talk, I will show you how you can write code in the idiomatic way of Kotlin, what the benefits are, and help you discover some of the most powerful known features of Kotlin. Kotlin is similar to the Java programming language, so it's natural that your Kotlin code looks very much like Java code when you first start to use the language. This talk is for any person who wants to know more about the kotlin language and more importantly if are a developer that already using it.

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:25 to 14:50 in Room 2