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Ivan Kozlov

Auto1 IT Services

I have more than 10 years of experience in IT sphere including software development. Moved to Berlin in 2015 to join Auto1 company as software engineer. While leading different teams in Auto1 since 2016 builded a lot of software solutions for Java microservice infrastructure. In 2018 moved back to Kiev to open and lead local development office for Auto1.

Implementing GraphQL with authorization in microservice architecture

Small Talk

We have been building microservices since 2015 and stuck to REST as an API for communication between our microservices as well as API for clients. And this is the story of how to introduce GraphQL layer in microservice architecture together with flexible approach for building authorization on top of GraphQL operations.

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:25 to 14:50 in Room 4

Microservice Architecture
Microservice Solution