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Stéphane Nicoll


Stéphane has a thing for code quality and robustness. He's been spreading the word for more than ten years while developing large scale Java enterprise applications in the geospatial, financial, or logistics sectors. An Apache Maven PMC member since 2006, he joined the core Spring Framework development team early 2014, being one of the main contributors to both Spring Framework and Spring Boot since. During his free time, he loves traveling around the world.

Efficient Web Apps with Spring Boot 2

Server Side Java

How can we improve the efficiency of an existing web application? We could completely rewrite it, leverage more concurrency and even reactive features. But is it really worth it if we don’t even measure and track the relevant metrics? In this talk, Stéphane will work on an existing Spring Boot MVC application to make it more efficient. He’ll replace RestTemplate with WebClient and Reactor operators to improve efficiency, without the concurrency pitfalls. He’ll use out-of-the-box metrics, add new ones to measure, and keep an eye on capacity gains with dashboards.

Scheduled on Friday from 13:10 to 14:00 in Room 1

Spring Boot
Reactive Programming

The Spring BOF

Server Side Java

An opportunity for discussing Spring Framework 5, Spring Boot 2, Spring Cloud, Project Reactor and everything around. Join us for a discussion about the recent changes in Spring Framework 5.2, Spring Boot 2.2 etc. The team won't have a specific agenda and expect questions and/or topics from the audience.

Scheduled on Friday from 18:40 to 19:40 in Room 7

Spring BOF
Spring Boot