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Gil Zellner


Gil is a senior engineer at Appsflyer where he tries to make infrastructure more reliable and easier to use. In the past Gil worked for Oracle Data Cloud, Gigaspaces/Cloudify and Gett.

From Ops to Dev and back again

Small Talk
Methodology & Culture

Having done both Dev and Ops, I feel there is some truth, but several lies as well as to how having sysadmin experience affects devs, and how dev experience affects sysadmins. The title is a play on words from JRR Tolkein’s Hobbit (There and back again), and will be told as a story. The endgame of this talk is that diverse roles make you better at many things. Not only why this is good, but how to do it as well. From the side of both a person who did it for himself out of pure interest and/or circumstance, and of a person who is now trying to find such people to join his team.

Scheduled on Saturday from 14:25 to 14:50 in Room 6

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