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Hüseyin BABAL


Building Hazelcast Cloud to provide Hazelcast Cluster as a service with extensive features. AWS Certified DevOps Professional. Building highly scalable, real-time systems with Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus, Event-Based Systems, and Hybrid Cloud. Ex. Sony and eBay engineer

Advanced Kubernetes, How to Build Multi-Tenant Environment

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

I will provide golden rules of building managed service on top of kubernetes with real-life examples as I gained experience during Hazelcast Cloud development. - Environment isolation - Microservice Architecture - Monitoring - Logging - Tracing will be the central topic for this session. There will be microservice setup within this session to show how we are using it on top of kubernetes

Scheduled on Friday from 16:20 to 17:10 in Room 3

Cloud Native Applications