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Viktor Pakhuchyi


I'm a software engineer based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

I've been working with Go for almost 5 years. I was lucky to have a chance to participate in the GolangUA community that exactly pushed me to obtain an active role inside it.

Thanks to that, I've participated in several Go meetups (Ukraine, Kharkiv) as a speaker/co-organizer. 

On top of that, I'm also involved in the creation/reborn of the Go community inside Intellias: organizing/participating in meetings, conducting interviews and performance evaluations.

Go: escape analysis

Have you ever wondered where your data is stored and what types of memory are there in Go? 

What is the difference between stack and heap? How to speed up your application?

Moreover, how to understand that something can be optimized?

During this speech, we’ll take a look at different methods to figure this out and identify the cases that we should consider while coding.

Programming Language
Code Analysis