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Marek Grzenkowicz

Roche Global IT Solution Centre

Marek Grzenkowicz has 15+ years of professional IT experience and he has spent half of this time at Roche Global IT Solution Centre in Poznan. He started as a Business Intelligence developer, then moved to Big Data and finally settled in the realm of Data Science. His main focus is natural language processing in different shades and flavors - chatbots, automatic speech recognition, knowledge extraction, optical character recognition, text analytics.

Do androids read about electric sheep? Machine reading comprehension algorithms

Big Data & Machine Learning

It has been almost 10 years since IBM Watson beat human contestants on the Jeopardy television game show. Computers are better than all chess or Go grandmasters in the human history. They fly rockets in space and drive cars. But can they read and understand books? Why is mastering this skill so hard for machines and how far are computer algorithms from human-level natural language understanding?

Scheduled on Saturday from 16:20 to 17:10 in Room 3

Machine Intelligence
Machine Learning